Saturday, December 7, 2013

Collaborating Links Related To Our Cause - Free Advertising Posts for Organizations

Gaining as much attention as possible is a goal that I am working on currently for the organization.  I would like to be able to attract more awareness to the matters for which we strive to remedy. Through my years of professional work as a secretary, online assistant, marketing person, missing persons advocate and blogger- I have learned that the more links you have on your site, the higher it ranks with Google.  So, it my goal to link all the blogs together with our facebook pages to achieve higher ratings.

I am also offering to put up posts with links for others websites that are related to topics that surround what our organization stands for. Topics for blogs or websites to post include any of the following:

Homeless Persons Advocacy or Awareness in Arizona (Phoenix especially)
Humanitarian Organizations, Foundations or Non-Profits in Arizona
Mental Health Assistance and Awareness 
Any White Tanks Cemetery Information
Religious Organizations Providing Free Outreach Services
Photography or Geographical & Historical Information on Maricopa County
Cemetery Listing Websites
Obituary Listings for Arizona (Maricopa County & Surrounding areas)
Advocates for the Homeless, Mentally Ill or Substance Abuse
News Articles on any of the listed topics
Family Reuniting Services (People Locators)

If there are any other topics that you think may be in the same line as those above and you wish you submit a request for a link posting to your website, please send me an email to  or leave a comment below with your site listing and I will check it out.

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