Saturday, December 28, 2013

Homeless People Are Not THROW AWAYS

While browsing through the news today, I came upon an article that gives credit to my point that just because someone is homeless DOES NOT MEAN that they do not have family that cares.  I wanted to share this article because it was touching and gives an example of the point I am trying to prove with the failure to find next-of-kin for the indigent buried at White Tanks Cemetery in Arizona.  The policies and procedures, the way that the homeless are considered throw-aways in Arizona is just not right or fair and it needs to be changed and reconsidered.

Many things happen in a person's life that can lead to living a life on the streets away from their family. Once so many years go by without speaking to family, many homeless assume that their family does not want to see them or they are just too embarrassed and ashamed to show their face; this does not mean that the family does not care about them or want to see them.

Please, please read this article and share it with as many people as you can!  Had this not happened to this man, God's intervention to reunite him with his family, he may have passed away and been buried the same as those at White Tanks and his family would have never found him.  Just as they said, it was assumed that he was dead because he just went "MIA" from a family that loved him.  We need to make more effort to reunite the homeless with their family... there needs to be an organized effort by some kind of mental health or non profit to reach out and bridge the gaps for these people.

Here's the article... I hope you enjoy it~  Please feel free to leave me any comments you may have both for or against. I enjoy hearing other perspectives that challenge my views, as it may spark a new perspective for me!|HomelessReunitedFam

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