Thursday, December 5, 2013

White Tanks Angels Foundation

Hello, I am glad that you have chose to visit us! This is the official blog for the White Tanks Angels Foundation. You will find that we have more than one related blog, to gain as much awareness and attention as possible to the matters for which we strive to mend.

Miranda Rhuda

My name is Miranda Rhuda. I live in the State of Ohio. I founded this organization after a long search for my mother took me through many years of Missing Persons Advocacy and landed me at White Tanks Cemetery in Arizona.  After searching for my estranged mother for 15 years, I found her deceased and buried at White Tanks Cemetery.  Upon finding this out I was appalled by the policies which the Maricopa County Public Fiduciary adheres to for searching for next of kin. I was appalled at the rules and requirements for White Tanks Cemetery... And upon voicing my concern about the matters, writing a blog and publishing various articles, I began to hear from other families who found themselves in the same situation as myself.

It is unjust the way that government just buries these people in a lame paupers grave and under decorated cemetery, never making an honest real effort to find the family of the deceased.  Our loved ones are tossed into wooden boxes, thrown in a hole and then buried by a chain gang.  There are religious affiliates who have also found the methods disturbing and have taken it upon themselves and their organization to provide some sort of prayer and service for those being buried... and to them we say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

I am on a Mission, so to speak, with this organization.  I have always been the little girl who wanted to make  a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world. My family has often said to me "You can't save the world!"  But I don't believe that is true... I can make a difference one person, one act, one family at a time and hope that my kindness and love will pour out upon others who will also find the time to feel compassion and help others!

If you have come across this site it means that you were probably researching White Tanks Cemetery.  We are open to creating new connections of any type in regards to the cemetery or people of Arizona.  Any and all input is welcomed and we are currently seeking volunteers to help with the organization.  If you are interested in helping families find closure, visiting the grave sites of those buried at White Tanks or assisting to change policies and make them more humanitarian- please send me an email at

I am also very open to speak with and do interviews with anyone that is interested in writing articles, blogs, news stories related to the cemetery and our cause. I welcome any and all efforts to gain awareness to the Cemetery and its related matters.

God Bless and hope to hear from you!

For more information about my story and previous efforts I have made you can visit the other two blogs that are related to the building of this organization.

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